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November 9, 2012
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Death Awaits by LivewireSparks Death Awaits by LivewireSparks
So last night I had a pretty gruesome dream dealing with Me, Alora, WT and Solar. ...... I still have no idea what triggered those.

I'm only going to go into detail about mine

Solar was taken out by a Banette
Alora by a Litwick, Lampent and Chandelure
WT by a Dusknoir.

After the deaths of the other three I was chased into a thick forest, getting toyed with until the ghost types got bored. When they did I was assaulted by the others, getting burned alive before getting ripped into in a very slow and painful manner.

Mine was by far the most gruesome while Alora's was the least.

The four eyes are the Ghost Types that did the deeds.
Banette - Dusknoir
Haunter - Litwick

I would have gone into more detail but I don't want to.

If I had the skills I would have drawn the others but they were too gruesome for me to draw at this point.

Minate belongs to/is me
Banette, Dusknoir, Haunter, Litwick and Minun belong to pokemon
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'nother critique, go! Thought I'd do this one, too, to help out ouo

On Minate, himself, I think that the feet and paws are a bit large o3o And the feet look a bit weird . I think the scarf is a bit long, too. It looks a lot longer than in your reference pictures or past pictures (from what I can remember, don't quote me on that, I have a bad memory). The expression is something to work on, too. Should look a bit more horrified, you know c: Maybe even crying because you just lost your best friends. And, again, the tail and ears look just a little too big for you there XD;;

In the background, I think it would have looked better if you had tried to do a forest-y background. Since you are in the forest in this scene. But on this, the glow on the eyes maybe could be brighter? Or maybe make the eyes lineless. It would have made more of an impact if this part was a bit creepier o3o Instead of this, you could have done maybe the forest with the ghosts lurking behind the trees or something?

Making it darker would look nice, too. Oh, and before I forget, shading. Gotta work on that shading, again c: And that's all, I guess ouo Hope this helps!
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SparklyVulpix Nov 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Woa! That's pretty creepy man...

I dreamt about being an assassin last night. Must have been because of all the Assassin's Creed videos that I watched last night :XD:

Oh and dude, I can see you're improving very quickly! I almost didn't reckognize this drawing as yours lol X3 It's awesome!
I know, creepiest dream in a while.

:XD: Me too, the game is seriously too much fun.

Thanks :dummy: I'm glad I'm improving like this but I don't know if I should take "I almost didn't reckognize this drawing as yours" as a good thing or a bad
SparklyVulpix Nov 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
It's pretty cool that you had a dream with characters of yours and your friends though :)
I've only had one dream with some of my characters, The Night Chasers.

IKR X3 It's so good it makes you dream about it!
Now I can't wait to get AC3. I passed the second game about a month ago!

Oh and I didn't mean it as a bad thing ^^ I mean it in a good way because your style is getting better too!
I usually have dreams with my pokesonas and half the time my friends.

I've been powering through AC3 since I'm renting it and man I really wish I could buy it.

I know you didn't mean it as a bad thing, I was just thinking maybe my style has changed from it's original. And thank you for saying my style is getting better too
Makes me glad that my dreams aren't graphic... My subconscious seems to be for ages 10+. Though they're usually filled with a boatload of hidden meanings that keeps me thinking all day.
XD Well that's a good thing. If your mind didn't censor it then you might be messed up in the head XD
Yeah... Though I feel like my head my head can be pretty messed up in other ways, like how darn negative I can be at times...
Well we're all messed up in some way
Very true.

Welp, I think I'm going to go ahead and go to sleep slightly early tonight. I was going to get up to watch the new season of My Little Pony tomorrow, but with how craptastic I feel I'll just watch it on YouTube so I can sleep the morning away...
South-Fur Nov 9, 2012  Student Digital Artist
That's REALLY freaky, thank goodness it was only a dream. I never had the pleasure, or displeasure, of dreaming about my pokemon characters, or even my anthro characters for that matter.:shrug:
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